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Welcome to our Website, BAKE with ME, a family business with a mission to bring you Better Food for a Better You.

At BAKE with ME we believe you deserve the best!

Eveline Goulis - Bake With Me

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is how we operate our family business. That is why we only use ingredients that we believe in and that meet our high standards.

Moreover, we run our business on Christian principles, and part of our profit is used to supporting local and global ministries.

Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of our customers and in the lives of those less privileged helping them to get out of hopeless situations by caring and sharing what we have been entrusted with.

Together we can make a difference! One step at a time! One Cake Mix at a time!

We have had our own share of difficult times. After operating our family business for 7 years, my husband John passed away suddenly from an asthma attack in June 2018. John was dreaming big to bring better food to people to enable them to live a more satisfied and fulfilling life. I, Eveline, want to make John proud by keeping his dream alive and so have decided to keep on mixing up the best ingredients in our cake mixes so that you and your family can enjoy nutritious cakes that we might even dare to call healthy. It sounds like a paradox but when you get a whopping quarter of your daily requirements of fiber in just one slice of carrot cake from one of our mixes prepared with high-fiber organic coconut flour and almond meal then you realise that not all cakes are created equal. And why shouldn’t you enjoy a slice of cake that is naturally gluten-free, has no preservatives and is free from genetically modified soy or cornflour.

Yes, we are passionate about the food that we eat in our family and we hope you are too. However, we know that it can sometimes be a challenge to stay away from fast food as our lives have become more and more busy and full of commitments. That is the reason why we have developed our bake and cake mixes that allow you to integrate fresh ingredients with our ready-made bake mixes for convenience without compromise. It is home baking at its best and we hope the smell of freshly baked goodies will create happy memories in your family. Memories that will last a lifetime!

Happy baking from our family to yours

Eveline & the BAKE with ME Family

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